Peachy Den Loyalty Club & Referrals


How do I earn points?

You can earn points for creating an account, making a purchase, shopping from New In, referring friends, and more. For more information, head to 'Rewards' on this page.

How do I know what tier I'm in?

You can see what tier you're in on the sidebar of the Loyalty Panels, and the tier component on this page. If you are a guest and don't have an account with us, you won't be placed in a tier.

How do I move up a tier?

You move up a tier based on how much you've spent with us in the previous 12 months. You will be notified when you move between tiers, and you will see your new tier on this page.

What are rewards?

You can claim rewards based on how many points you have in your account balance. You can use your discount reward against your next online purchase.

What are benefits?

Benefits are the perks you can access in different tiers. The benefits become more customised and exclusive the higher tier you are.

Can I use the discount rewards on any product?

There is a minimum basket value of £150 to use your rewards. Other than the minimum spend, you can use your reward on all Peachy Den products.

Am I automatically signed up?

Anyone who creates an account is automatically signed up. If you checkout as a guest, you won't be signed up for our loyalty programme.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

No - you can earn as many points as you can. We love seeing you move up in tiers and unlocking more Peachy benefits.

Can rewards be used in conjunction with any other offers?

You can't use rewards in conjunction with any other discount or promotional code on the site.

How does refer a friend work?

Head to 'Refer a Friend' under 'Earn points'.

Give a friend 15% off their first purchase and earn 1,500 points if they spend over £150. You can copy the link or share directly via the social buttons.

This discount is only applicable on their first order with us.

What happens if a friend I refer cancels their orders?

Unfortunately, your pending points will be removed from your account.

What do the 'approved', 'pending', and 'cancelled' statuses means?

Approved – These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately. 

Pending – These points need to be verified first. The approval period is 28 working days, based on our refund window.

Cancelled – these points will not be added to your account (if you, or a friend you've referred, cancels their purchase).

If I leave the programme and want to rejoin, what happens to my points?

Sadly, if you decide to leave the programme your points will be reduced to zero. If you contact us we can re-enroll you, but you will start from the lowest tier.