We are super excited to announce our new series Peach of The Month. To celebrate the vibrant and talented women within our community, we will select one peachy muse each month and spotlight their unique perspectives, personal style and lifestyle.


Georgia Stannard

Meet Georgia Stannard, a model and writer who has been an OG peach since 2019. Georgia became an amputee at the age of 22, and has since started writing a blog as a form of therapy. Her vulnerable and heartfelt thinkpieces aim to connect with other amputees and inspire readers through her honest and uplifting reflections.

Georgia has been living in Hackney for 5 years, and took us to her favourite cafe in Clapton where she loves to sit and write.

We then went to her local thrift store Reign Vintage, and ended the day with a pint of Hackney’s finest Guinness at the Auld Shillelagh.


Marileze Canlas

We’re introducing the series with Marileze, art student and part time model. Marileze has been a Pimlico native for 8 years now and knows all the best spots for vintage shopping, grabbing a bite to eat and picking up fresh groceries.

“I’ve been living around pimlico for about 8 years and I love the area. It's very charming and there’s lots of things to do without it feeling too busy or chaotic. I love tachbrook street market, I sometimes buy myself oysters from the fish stall on Saturday’s before my shift at the pub as a treat to get me going for the day or something to look forward to when I get home from serving pints all day. 

"The whole street is full of independent shops and it feels like a little village high street which I love and my dog will always drag me to his favorite dog shop and I’ll always give in and get him a toy or a treat."

"Ben Venuti has the best fresh pasta you can buy and cook it at home and they do great coffee also. It's a lovely place to sit outside regardless of the weather, although it is much nicer when it’s sunny as with everything."

"I’ve started appreciating slower paced weekends over hectic ones and just having a nice dinner with friends and some wine!"

"I feel very lucky to live so central whilst being in a quiet part of London but I do love at home with my mum and sister and dog so I’m fortunate to save money on rent as I don’t see myself staying in London forever.”