Peachy Spring

Introducing Peachy Den's Spring 2024 Collection - a celebration of sweet femininity, crafty heritage, and the quintessential charm of women in the arts. This season, we’re paying homage to the unsung heroines who shaped the world of craftsmanship and art deco elegance.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of femininity, the artistry of unsung heroines, and traditional British heritage with Peachy Den's Spring 2024 Collection – where each piece tells a story and embodies the spirit of quintessential, old-school elegance.

Launching February 29th 1pm GMT/ 2pm CET/  8am EST/ 5am PST/ midnight AEDT 1st March. 

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Amelia had a penchant for fashion and started her own fashion line after meeting Elsa Schiaparelli, the namesake of our march knit capsule. Founding Schiaparelli on knitwear, Elsa championed the use of interesting textiles in her innovative and playful designs, working with tromp l’eoil stitches and synthetic fabrics; using metal threads for the first time in couture. “Elsa” is knitted with super soft rayon metallic thread, pulling intricate detail inspirations from heritage craft.

The Elsa

Elsa was not as well known as her great rival, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who became famous for popularising sporty, casual chic as the feminine style. She pioneered the use of knitted jersey in high fashion, famed for her twin sets and matching tweed suits. Our chunky knit twin set “Gabrielle” carries her legacy of youthful, feminine ease.

The Gabrielle

Take a look at our favourite knitwear references and design inspo via our Pinterest.