Small collections with big impact

Peachy creates the pieces you didn’t know you needed, that you then can’t live without

Released in tight drops, and produced in strictly limited runs, our collection stories are bolstered by our tight edit of core staples — these are our best-selling shapes, made new every season but with year-round appeal. With each launch, you’ll find our signature silhouettes along with limited-edition pieces to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe, to seamlessly take you from dawn ‘till dark. 

Positivity is a Peachy manifesto

That’s why responsible manufacturing is a priority. We’re working hard to improve our fashion footprint, sourcing recycled nylons and certified organic cottons to make our best-sellers even better. We are proud that 50 percent of our production is done in the UK, and we’re committed to increasing this number with each collection. 


Our ‘Deadstock Drops’ were created in this spirit of zero-waste. Leftover fabrics are matched with our best-selling patterns to create one-of-a-kind pieces we know you’ll love.