Introducing “Heirloom”In recognition of female craftsmanship, we have breathed new life into vintage handmade doilies.

Anu wears The Sibilia Cami and The Ally Skirt in Porcelain.

These pieces were often painstakingly hand stitched and crocheted by women in the home as a symbol of prestige and taste, only to now be sold for next to nothing in antique shops and online. Sparked by the works of Rose English at the “Women in Revolt” exhibition, we wanted to champion these overlooked “domestic” art pieces.

Anu wears The Jean Cami and The Joan Skirt with The Nabi Bag.

Upcycled with deconstructed mens shirts, we hope these pieces will be treasured as the women who created them would have wanted.

Anu wears The Frankie Cropped Blouse in Porcelain.

One of a kind, hand sourced, cut and stitched piece by piece in our London atelier. 'Heirloom' pieces will be available to buy in our Shoreditch store ~ opening Friday 12th April.

Each product is lovingly named after an elderly relative of the Peachy team.

Anu wears The Florence Blouse in Porcelain.